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Oct 26, 2012 / 4 notes


So, there’s this crazy joint going around and it looks as if some hair stylist got really bored and decided to treat his or her joints like hair. The joint looks as if it’s ridiculously hard to do as it needs a specific amount of ganja, not too much, but not too little either. Here we have, what I like to call, the weave joint:

Weave Joint 

This damn thing looks like quite the challenge but the reward will be satisfactory. Just how exactly is anyone supposed to do this? Well, here are the steps on how to do this damned tricky joint.

Materials Needed For Your Twister Joint


5 Rolling Papers

Roach paper

Rolling Your Twister Joint

First, take your three rolling papers and roll three identical joints without roaches, and make sure they aren’t too tight.


Line up your joints, one next to the other, and get ready to braid/plait them. Girls know all about this and should be able to help you.


Now for the hard part, bend the right joint and put it in between the center joint, so now the right joint is the center joint.


Braid the left joint between the right and the center joint. You’ve just made your first braid!


Continue to braid them, alternating the right joint and left joint into the middle keeping your braid as tight and tidy as you can.

Once you finished the entire braid, use a gum strip from a rolling paper to secure the end of the braid which will keep it from unraveling.


Wrap a roach around the out of the end you place your mouth on. Seal it with a rolling paper, and bandage up any holes you might have made during the braiding process.


Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. The neat thing about this twister joint is that as you smoke it, it unravels itself.

Sep 25, 2012 / 3 notes


Roll a fat, filter-less joint

His name, is Sexy Rexy, and he’s a tourist guide in Jamaica, the land that has the “best”, the “top notch”, the “organic” weed. The pride of the herbal growers is endless, but this challenge isn’t about growing or testing your baking skills (kitchen-wise), it’s about how you can roll a real fat one with no filter as an aid. This clip shows how it was done, but it isn’t a step by step process so it will leave some unanswered questions, but for the most part, it does show how to begin it, though that too can be varied and tailored to your specific rolling style. I’m sure that there was more than an eighth in the joint, but to make anything large and singular, it’s best to start with that magic number of 3.5 grams (this may mean having at least three friends pitch in $20 for the ganja) and build a nice fat stogie (yes, that is an oxymoron) from that. No specific paper is needed, but this does seem like quite the challenge, and the final result should be a smooth hitting, fairly lumpy but consistent joint that is a larger replica of one of Bob Marley’s joints: a classic, filter-less, joint; or like a damn burrito from taco bell. Good luck everyone, and godspeed. - Daniel

Aug 14, 2012 / 2 notes

Challenge of the Month: July/August


Diamond Joint

 The Diamond joint is no fable but neither is it easily accomplished. One must be accomplished at many styles of rolling already before one attempts this. To begin, one must roll a a regular (though sturdy) joint. Then cut it in half with a pair of scissors and roll two skinnier identical joints without filters. They must have less ganja in their centers for you to be able to bend them down the line. Then cut away excess papers from these 4 joints. Take 10 gum strips from king size papers (king size being the best option for multiple wraps) and lay them at your side for ready use. Then it gets tricky. Take the two smaller joints and connect them to one of the halves of the larger joint. Use the gum strips to wrap it around and around and until its secure. Then gently as can be, bend the joints in the middle and connect them together to the other half of the larger joint. Wrap more bandages around that connection until its all secure and airtight. Ta-da! You now have rolled a Diamond joint. Give it a try and don’t be discouraged by a slip up.- Imran


Pom Bong

The pom bong, a nice shape and an easy home project that will have you a nice makeshift piece in no time. Not much is needed and the picture is really all that should be used for reference, unless you need reassurance, please feel free to click on the image for more instructions on how to make this arts and crafts piece.  - Daniel

Jun 19, 2012


Rolling a classic joint is not that hard, yet many smokers don’t know how to roll anything. Save the blunts and grab yourself a gram and some king sized (or regular sized) papers and get to rolling! There isn’t a “technique” but it’s easy to make it custom and your own by varying the way you roll, but that can be done after you get the basics of rolling up ganja with papers. - Daniel

May 17, 2012


Joints are one thing, but try to take things one step further, like this boat for example. It takes 7 joints to make this oceanic crusader! Granted, this is more like a complicated pipe with many openings for joints, but it’s still craft and high quality craft at that. (pun fully intended) with this as a template, build your own and make something crazier! A whole new world of joint making is opened with something like this in the picture. - Daniel

Apr 9, 2012


This has got to be one of the most meticulous joints to make. It takes a lot of weed and a lot of patience to get everything right. This guy made it seem so easy, and I’m sure that it is, with enough practice. I’m sure that it hits like no other though, and I’m also sure that it’s probably going to be a smooth hit though. Is this a Challenge? I think so, there’s the issue of buying a lot of ganja and rolling papers to nail this one. - Daniel

Mar 29, 2012 / 1 note



Make your own, and you don’t have to use the exact materials that the video has, but the same principles have to be applied: water and gravity. If you can make your own bowl that is safer than aluminum foil, then by all means go for it, just make the damn bong that will have you and your stoner friends coughing on the floor. - Daniel

Jan 30, 2012 / 3 notes


So back in the day me and Samer rolled a dutch tulip and surprisingly it turned out quite successful. So to add a little flavor to your flamboyant February the BXC familia has set this as the challenge of the month. All you need to do is construct a pouch made of rolling papers, fill it with cannabis, have a king size joint also filled with cannabis, push the joint into the pouch and tighten it with gum strips until your satisfied and voila! you have a dutch tulip. So go ahead young go getters and light up!- Imran

Nov 2, 2011


It’s November 2nd and you know that the challenge of the month is here, and on time. Forget about ‘no shave November and accept this challenge: making a windmill joint. This challenge isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either, so go for it and enjoy your flammable product. - Daniel

Oct 19, 2011


Gravity bongs are heard but rarely seen and here’s your chance to make one. Not much is needed and the hits are pretty nice, so just take some time out of your busy schedule to have some solo arts and crafts time and create a masterpiece. This challenge has the benefit of you owning your own bong, so go make one! - Daniel

(There are also some that can be made in glass, though they do need to be made carefully. Click HERE to see how it’s done)

Sep 29, 2011


Cross Joint by Samer x Daniel

So, Yesterday, Me and Samer decided to go on ahead and attempt to make the famous cross joint. To my surprise, this was more tedious than I thought and dear Lord almighty, it was just so difficult not to rip the paper. Yes, it does look as if though a blind man did this shit, but we didn’t have scissors, just a shitty knife, so that was why it was tough to get a hole through the paper. Note that the joint isn’t as fat as it should be, we didn’t have much weed to fuck with, but we did it, and it hit like a mo’ fucking champ! Just try this shit, no directions/instructions or anything. Do it! - Daniel

Aug 25, 2011


Joint making is easy once a classic one is made, but if you happen to have an abundance of sweet sweet mary jane around and you decide not to share (shame on you) then at least make full use of it and make this. So, I present to you the Rocket. - Daniel

Jul 21, 2011


Pot Brownies

Pot Brownies

Pot brownies are among the most notorious eateries that there are when it comes to marijuana, and they are effective. The challenge for this month is to make your own batch, but be careful (if you still live with your parents, do this somewhere where a stench isn’t a problem) Just google pot brownies and look through the links or just choose one of the two:

link 1

link 2

Just get to bakin’! (pun fully intended) 

Jun 22, 2011




Sorry for the late challenge, but it is still June, so here’s the month’s challenge:

A ghostface trick isn’t that hard, but lungs of steel are needed. You need to take in a lot of smoke from your favorite ganja and then let it out, so that it covers your face (see the image above) once the thick smoke covers your face, show your face through the cloud, like a ghost, and that’s it, you’ve done a ghostface! Now go on and scare your friends.