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Electric Highway


(Click on picture to download)

Rocky Fresh has been relatively new to the scene but has made waves since his Driving 88 tape dropped last year. After being signed to MMG, going on tour, and maturing in both his sound and production Rocky drops the Electric Highway. Electric Highway is a continual progression into the alternative hip-hop that Rocky has become one of the pioneers of. Electric Highway is a mix of hiphop lyrics, electronic unconventional productions, and guest features from both the MMG, Sasha go hard, Curren$y, and Lunice. The subjects that Rocky discusses are both common and uncommon amongst the rap world. Lyrics about girls,weed, and parties are intermixed with lyrics about his future, newfound fame, the materialism that has become common place in his day to day life, as well as his position of importance amongst the MMG and the alternative hip hop movement. Download it above and enjoy- Imran

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