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Feb 26, 2013 / 1 note

Skruncha-Roo - Atman

Skruncha-Roo delivers the audience with a new project that is a single titled “Atman”. The single came out with visuals that are oddly enough mesmerizing. Skruncha-Roo drops his latest single with a sound that is refreshing as well as obvious. He has created a signature that is hard to recreate and that alone is what makes his production that much better. This single, like his other works, has a sprinkle of hip hop influence and that gives it a slight addiction. The single is basically a story all on its own with no lyrics to explicitly tell what is going on, just sound and vibes from his production. Feel free to download his single here. - Daniel

Feb 21, 2013 / 2 notes


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Giraffage comes out with a new project and lets his listeners get a more calm and soothing vibe than from the normal sounds of the genre his music would be labeled as. At the start of the  9 track project, there is a euphoric sound and a vibe that is almost nostalgic  one that is easy to catch up to and be comfortable with. The sounds are a great element to the tape but what is really wondrous to this project is the embedded sampling; the voices that are screwed a bit and chopped at times, they seem to come with a bit more of a catch and linger in the mind of the listener even after just one play. The project isn’t all upbeat though, it does have it’s slow rhythms and tempos, but their timing is seemingly flawless, they flow well and are not so typical and elongated to the point of boredom, instead they kind of push the listener to keep still and wait for the rest of the tape to catch up and get itself together. The tape itself is magnificent, with production that varies and dabbles in a few other genres, some of the production seems to be a great hip hop beat others seem to be applicable to a fashion runway, but the tape itself is all well composed and each track is in flow and well aligned, giving the whole tape structure and a great composition. What is the tape brings is far more than the ordinary sounds of a beat tape or a house music tape, it brings forth some serene vibes accompanied by fantastic production and composition. The tape is well done and even brings forth an urban take on the music Al Greene and Marvin Gaye worked hard on (the wonderful sounds of seductive music). Granted the tape may be a bit short and it can seem a bit short lived but it is enough to make even the first listener an immediate fan and curious for more from Giraffage. Download it and light a few to it, just be sure to not be with too many guys when listening to track 8. - Daniel

Feb 18, 2013 / 7 notes

Blocka - Pusha T

Pusha T dropped the first visuals to a track off his new tape Wrath of Caine. Terrar comes at you from the slums of jamaica, with some thug ass niggas and a big booty chick, so check this shit out. - Samer

Feb 15, 2013

Trap God 2

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Gucci recently dropped his much anticipated Trap God 2 and with that a controversial cover that he decided to not go with. His 23 track mixtape has a lot of expectations, the audience wanted pure Gucci Mane, they wanted Mr Laflare and they got Gucci Man Laflare. This mixtape gets straight to the point right from the get go. This mixtape drops with a common introduction but immediately drops a rich bass and heavy hitting instrumentals that would make the listener want to creep up on his or her rival and leave them like Swiss cheese. The production is simply phenomenal and far exceeds the expectations that many had for the mixtape. Although the first Trap God was great and had a lot to give to the listener, it wasn’t as “hood” or as catchy, it felt like Gucci was wetting his feet a bit from a break he had and he is now swimming in a pool of dirty money. With featured guests like Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Young Scooter, Young Thug, Big Bank Black, OG Boo Dirty, Waka Flocka, Lloyd and many others, the mixtape is sure to just make the audience ask for more ignorant trap music that is so addictive. The lyrics are all Gucci and that alone should say a lot, I mean there isn’t a direct way to explain how Gucci Mane raps or what he raps about, he is the icon of a genre of music and he is a but hard to describe but his lyrics are fairly clever, but mainly simple and very cutting as they’re full of insults and in your face lines that are nothing more than just bragging words. Trap God 2 has come to the crowd and does not fail to every drop any sort of interest to the listener as it is constant and keeps a steady flow full of vibes that make the listener want to go out and start investing in the dark cold world known as the drug world. Gucci dropped a mixtape and he delivered with a heavy and a solid project that is sure to make the listener entertained and pumped about Gucci’s next project. Download it and spark a few to it. - Daniel

Feb 13, 2013 / 1 note

Prespliffs Vol II

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If Indy rappers are what you look for, maybe a rapper that is full of flare and a vibe that makes you think “what the fuck am I listening to?”. Maybe Trinidad Jame$ wasn’t crazy enough for your ears. Whatever the case may be, there is a white rapper (Oh god, no, not another Mac Miller, we only need 1 white boy, weed loving rapper in the game, and we don’t need a helpless romantic who doesn’t know how to keep his drug using in check or acting skills) who goes by the name of DVNNY SETH (pronounced danny seth) who seems to be a foreigner, from the British land. A British rapper you say? Is there such a thing? In short: yes. At a first glance, you’ll hear a rather annoying voice with a thick accent and you may not take the rapper serious at all, you may even think why he’s trying and that alone should give him a bit of confidence. Yet, he somehow manages to put that confidence 10-fold and become quite the cocky and stereotypical rapper, explaining as to how he’s the utter shit and the definition of a ‘gangster’in lame man’s terms. As if his voice and subject matter weren’t enough to keep you on the fence about the album, the man isn’t all that appealing, then again, a lot of rappers aren’t all that appealing, however, DVNNY seems to of have come from a sewer and found style on tumblr and decided to go with that on everything. The mixtape isn’t all bad though, to the average open minded individual’s surprise, the voice is surprisingly easy to cope with and you then ease into his persona and his clever lyricism. He starts to become realistic and professional, which is what makes him serious and understandable. His accent is well accompanied by the instrumentals which are rich in bass and samples, they’re extraordinary magnificent creations that are strictly meant to vibe out to, especially in a small house party full of narcotics. As the 18 track mixtape progresses  there may be a sudden realization that he may just be the British Lil’ Wayne, with the high annoying voice, decent lyricism, disturbing looks and well chosen instrumentals  that isn’t to say DVNNY SETH is a horrible rapper, he has potential, especially with his subject matter and the amazing production. If it doesn’t seem like a mixtape worth downloading, at least give the production a listen, it is worth it, full of trap vibes and sounds that will make you want to cook and possibly bring out the pyrex, it’s full of hype and worth the listen. At times, the mixtape goes a bit smooth and gives some vibes that Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa did, which may catch the listener off guard, but it is enjoyable as it is a break from the constant trap sound. The mixtape is overall enjoyable and it does grow on you if you can get over the amount of ignorance emitted to your ears. Download it and roll spliffs to it. - Daniel

Feb 5, 2013 / 2 notes

Pink Flame

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Pink Flame was just recently released and with it comes a sound that is a bit familiar and very classic Lil B. The much anticipated 26 track project was just dropped, giving the based audience something new to listen to while “The Basedgod” goes back to his routine of making music daily. Pink Flame is another flame mixtape, so it can be added to the ever-growing collection that is colorful and hits nearly every color in the spectrum; with the mixtape comes a very nostalgic sound that Lil B made to separate himself from the rest of the rappers. His sound was very harsh, it was more than just “based”, it gave off this vibe of him not caring about reviews or the audience, he just wanted to make music and music that couldn’t be defined through orthodox means. This mixtape gives us just that, it’s as if he went back to his roots, his Blue Flame and Red Flame days, the days of Miley Cyrus and Wonton Soup. The mixtape is phenomenal is it is just the right dosage of Based music and gives the listener some tracks to just go dumb on. Right when the mixtape begins, there seems to be a sound that just plays well and the whole project flows well, each track being independent but being able to flow with the ones before and after it. The overall sound of the mixtape is great, it’s hard hitting and very heavy instrumentals with deep bass and many loops, basically it’s as if all the Flame Mixtape tracks matured a bit and Lil B decided to only pluck the ones he liked, they’re all catchy and far from decent, they’re rich in trademark. As far as lyrics go, for the most part, the project is very “Bitch” inspired as most of the tracks are about women and how Lil B can easily “fuck” them but what more can a Lil B fan ask for? The tracks are all 100% based, which is a guarantee to any devoted Lil B fan to enjoy. Download it and enjoy it as it is rare. - Daniel

Jan 28, 2013 / 5 notes

Electric Highway


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Rocky Fresh has been relatively new to the scene but has made waves since his Driving 88 tape dropped last year. After being signed to MMG, going on tour, and maturing in both his sound and production Rocky drops the Electric Highway. Electric Highway is a continual progression into the alternative hip-hop that Rocky has become one of the pioneers of. Electric Highway is a mix of hiphop lyrics, electronic unconventional productions, and guest features from both the MMG, Sasha go hard, Curren$y, and Lunice. The subjects that Rocky discusses are both common and uncommon amongst the rap world. Lyrics about girls,weed, and parties are intermixed with lyrics about his future, newfound fame, the materialism that has become common place in his day to day life, as well as his position of importance amongst the MMG and the alternative hip hop movement. Download it above and enjoy- Imran

Jan 27, 2013 / 2 notes

Life Changes


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Casey Veggies recently released another free album to his massive fanbase and, as the title suggests the pace has changed for the young MC. Before this album, Casey had a burgeoning sound of a young man finding his flow. However this is the album that has the perfect balance. Hunger in his lyrics, beats that are smooth and adhere to Veggies’s flow and a small select group of features from Dom Kennedy, BJ the Chicago kid and Phil Beaudreau. What got me really hooked onto this album though is the topics that Veggies’s approaches here. The road to riches and fame, the mature relationship with a lady, and the materialism that has come from becoming a young rapper in 2013. The production is as variant as ever with a majority of tracks taken care of by The Futuristiks and 1500 or nothin. After listening to this, I have high hopes that Casey continues along this path of alternative hip-hop. He fits into a select group that includes Rocky Fresh who are leading this wave of unconventional hip hop to the masses. Download it above and enjoy.- Imran

Jan 23, 2013 / 1 note

The Wild EP

The Wild Cover

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ABADABAD is a small band, making noise from the great state of Massachusetts, they come with quite the indie sound. Give their new EP a glance and it may sound like the common “hipster” sound that many Ray-Ban users enjoy with the catchy guitar riffs and the seemingly unclear vocals, but if you dive deeper, you see that there is more to the band than just the uplifting tunes. The band has been making noise for a while, dropping singles that do cause the listener to enjoy what it is they are listening to, so the band isn’t a lost cause. Recently, they dropped their latest project of 7 tracks to the public and gave the audience a refreshing taste in music. Nostalgia is really the best word to describe the feel of the EP as the guitar sounds are just not heard anymore but they are played well and give this vibe of endless youth, a pleasing vibe to be honest as many bands now don’t know how to correctly play the damn instrument  Although the band originates from the East coast, they do have this 60’s and west coast mesh that works well, the whole project is a wonderful thing to listen to as the pace is mellow and the vocals are actually harmonious to the sound of the music the band plays. As far as lyrics go, they nail it with the topics that don’t go political, instead they relate to the common youthful man, full of life and wonder, which makes this project that much more likable. This album does have a few of their singles that they have already released prior to this project, but there are new songs that are just as good, if not better. The project transitions well from one track to another which is relieving and quite enjoyable. There are sounds of spacey electronic instrumentals sprinkled here and there within the tracks but for the most part the vibe is pure indie and nostalgic, which comes to many’s surprise as many would think: how can you mix these genres/sounds together and get get a good vibe? The band just made it all work, and gave the public a glance at their work, and it is very impressive. Download it, listen to it, drink to it, and enjoy it. - Daniel

Jan 15, 2013 / 9 notes

#Hashtag Mixtape 2: Death to False Tumblr Wave​.​jpg


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The Internet, it’s so full of awe and wonder and it is rich in culture as it is a giant melting pot, blending so many things into a concoction full of ‘OMG’s and ‘LOL’s as well as a few memes. Within it comes a certain genre that is unexplainable but I shall attempt to do the unthinkable. Jonny Wanser comes out of the blue with a fairly recent project that is nothing but masterful mash-ups. I know that mash-ups aren’t ones to get anyone’s attention, in fact they’re the products of DJ’s with no talent, but if done correctly they make pretty great music. Jonny Wanser comes out with a 13 track mixtape that includes artists FAT JOE, KESHA, ASHANTI, M83, GUCCI MANE, TAYLOR SWIFT, BLACK MAGIC, SUFJAN STEVENS, YOUNG BUCK, CARLY RAE JESPEN, EFTERKLANG, RICK ROSS, KATY PERRY, CARSON DALY, ASHTON KUTCHER, ODB, TRAVIS PORTER, RIHANNA, WAKA FLOCKA, BIRDMAN, LIL WAYNE, CHAMILLIONARE, THE SMITHS, USHER, JERKSTORE, MAGMA, THREE SIX MAFIA, MELISSA BELL, WILLOW SMITH, ROSCO, DUNGEN, PROJECT PAT AND GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR, and these all should never be put in the same damn mixtape but he blends them perfectly, with smooth intstrumentals and excellent timing that basically makes you want to listen to more of this odd and obscure yet addictive genre. The sound that comes from this mixtape is basically screwed music (no chop) layered with spacey and intricate instrumentals, matching the relaxing (yet fucked up) voices well. The mixape is full of a lot of culture and it’s just a mixtape that needs to be listened to, especially when leaning or sedated off another drug, this is when you’ll recieve the most enjoyment of the music but it is still enjoyable even when sober, which may come to many’s surprise because screwed music is strongly associated with leaning. With rich bass, amazing instrumentals and classics being mashed up with impecable timing, a wonderful blend has come about and is here to flood the ears of the listener. Although at first, it may not look or sound appealing, it grows on you after a while and it becomes something to respect and allow to become addictive. Listen to it, download it, love it, more than Sosa. - Daniel

Jan 12, 2013

Zoo’s Blues II (Summer Sessions)

Zoo's Blues II

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So maybe you’ve had a few drinks and you’ve just had quite a night, the party is gone and it’s just you and possibly a handful of friends lying around with a few cigarettes burning and some half empty beers lying around in the dim lite environment. The room is silent but you’re in the mood for some music, you don’t know what though because most of the music that there is now is all too trendy and too out there for your slower taste. Some electric guitars with a slow pace, and maybe some harmonicas with some basic bass chords and some simple drum beats will dance well with the vibe of the room. Maybe some southern wholesome blues will keep the place mellow. Needless to say, The Zoo, is the band that delivers just that. With a rich sound and semi-relatable lyrics, The Zoo brings forth a piece that is nothing short of spectacular. The image that is set is an empty bar with a red lighting, and a wild night full of narcotics and a recent line of unfortunate events. There is a hint of 60’s psychedelic nostalgia thrown in the 14 track album though. The sounds of the electric guitar smoothly hitting the ear with the basic chords of blues accompanied by heavy bass loops and an amazing vocals, it all blends perfectly to give the listener a taste of a pleasant surprise from the often overlooked genre. The Zoo delivers grace, passion, a great theme and many pleasant sounds that will give the listener a wave of relaxation and tranquility from such a misunderstood genre. Bottom line: with a chilling mood and remarkable deliver, Zoo’s Blues II is a must to have in any musical library as it is sure to bring with it a lot of thought provoking and traditional blues tracks. - Daniel

Jan 3, 2013 / 4 notes

Backseat freestyle- Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick blesses us with visuals from his critically acclaimed album Good Kid M.A.A.D City. The self directed video is gritty and intense with appearances by K-Dot’s father, mother, and most surprisingly Sherane who has the best cameo of all. Watch it above and enjoy- Imran

Dec 30, 2012 / 1 note

3 piece set

3 piece

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Curren$y has a most interesting way of putting material out to his fans and listeners. As everyone knows Spitta puts together projects through out the year and releases them 3-5 musical EPs, mixtapes, and projects in a year. However after Live in Concert was delayed to an unknown date, Spitta quenched his fans with his Priest Andretti and eventually with the 3 piece set. Overall it’s a short simple affair akin to his Here EP 2-5 tracks ( 3 in this one). Spitta however is on his usual fire accompanied by young Roddy who is slowly but surely becoming Spitta’s young prodigy. The chemistry amongst these two is akin to a stoner Jay and Ye, basically an award winning formula. Check it out above and enjoy.- Imran

After the Smoke. Photo Cred. Daniel
Dec 10, 2012 / 5 notes
After the Smoke. Photo Cred. Daniel
Antonio up in smoke. Photo Cred. Daniel
Dec 10, 2012 / 3 notes
Antonio up in smoke. Photo Cred. Daniel